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Coast to Coast


We are a trusted manufacturer to the Military Prime and Sub-Prime contractor community.  Over half of what we make finds its way into a Military/Defense application.  From outer space to the depths of the abyss, we take pride in providing the highest degree of reliability in our product as well as sharing the success of every mission with our dedicated customers.



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Coast to Coast Circuits is one of the longest standing providers to the Commercial and Military Aerospace markets.  Our Quality Management System is established off the AS9100 standard and our core-capabilities revolve around the most advanced requirements in PCB fabrication.  We understand the importance of and take pride in assisting our customers to reach optimal market positions.


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With several decades of experience processing high-heat materials required to withstand the rugged environment typical of the Down-Hole Oil/Gas Drilling market.  Our long history of manufacturing hardware which is exposed to such extreme thermal and mechanical conditions provides us with confidence in our methods and our ability to meet all requirements repeatedly and reliably. 

For more than 30 years, we continue to provide valuable and dependable solutions to premier Medical equipment Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).  Our team is constantly developing materials and techniques to help support the rapidly expanding infrastructure of the Health System and its related markets.